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      Meta Labs Feel Clear supplement was developed by Dr. Lara, a well-known holistic doctor from South America. This supplement was designed to promote both mental and physical health. It aides in alleviating the symptoms of General Anxiety Disorder, including night sweats, panic attacks, irritability, excessive worry, palpitations, muscle tension and seizures/convulsions.

      Feel Clear Benefits:

      • General relief of GAD symptoms without feeling drowsy
      • Helps you keep focus and concentration
      • Eliminates PANIC ATTACKS
      • Increases peripheral circulation


      Cortex Albiziae: Tranquilizes the mind and disperses the depressed Qi, activates blood circulation and relieves swelling.

      Os Draconis: Sedation and tranquilization, calming the liver and suppressing hyperactivity of liver-yang, restraining spermatorrhea.

      Concha Ostreae: Astringent, restrains & neutralizes stomach acidity and calms pain.

      Semen Ziziphi Spinosae: Sedative and hypnotic activity. Aides in protection from anoxia (lack of oxygen) and re-oxygenation damage, protects the central nervous system, and has protective effects on cardiac cells.Also know for enhanceing immunity and protective against ischemic cerebral damages.

      Radix Polygalae: A traditional Chinese medicine to mediate depression.