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      Oats have been an elemental food source for both humans and animals since prehistoric times.
      There is speculation that this food source is best described through it genus name, avena, which
      traces back to its original meaning of nourishing while sativa means cultivated.
      In addition to its recognition and value as a stable food crop, however, oat straw is also used in the
      treatment of a number of human maladies, ailments or discomforts.

      It has been reported to help with the lowering of cholesterol naturally, increasing of vigor and
      stamina (it has been suggested to people recovering from long term illnesses as an aid to help
      rebuild their strength).

      The oat seeds carry antispasmodic, cardia, diuretic, emollient, nervine and stimulant properties.
      Oat straw and the grain have also been prescribed in the treatment of a wide range of nervous
      conditions. It has also been shown to help with the exhaustion related to neurological pains or
      herbal treatment for insomnia, or multiple sclerosis. A tincture has been used as a nerve stimulant
      when treating opium addiction and it is a popular herbal remedy for anxiety and ADHD.
      It can help to combat problems such as obesity, varicose veins, irritations related to the digestive
      tract and as an herbal treatment for hemorrhoids, however it has been found that it should not be
      used in dyspepsia when accompanied by acidity of the stomach.

      Research now shows that it contains the anti-tumor compound b-sitosterol and there are some
      suggestions that the chances of cancer in the bowel may be reduced by eating oats regularly, as
      well as cancers in general.

      There is also some evidence to suggest that the consumption of the oats helps to naturally lower
      the blood sugar levels in the body and that it could be helpful as an herbal remedy for diabetics as