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What are the Maca Root benefits? Maca Root Supplements

The maca root has many proteins, rare amino acids, fatty acids, styrenes, saponins, tannins, vitamins, and minerals. Such a rich composition determines the effectiveness of using the product to improve well-being.

The unique root fruit has the following properties:

replenishes the deficiency of vitamins and minerals; serves as a prevention of the formation of neoplasms of various types; slows down aging processes at the cellular level; strengthens the circulatory system; increases immunity; stabilizes the metabolism process; normalizes hormonal equilibrium; helps to cope with depression, stress; enhances sexual and reproductive systems; improves operability; struggles with constant fatigue; increases sexual attraction; promotes muscle mass increase.

To get a positive result, a Peruvian miracle - the plant must be taken regularly.

Maca root for men's health:

A unique root fruit is considered especially useful for men. Constant intake increases stress resistance, helps fight sexual powerlessness, increases sexual attraction. Testosterone synthesis gradually increases, sexual contact becomes longer. Peruvian poppy improves sperm quality, increases sperm motility.

low potency; prolonged nerve tension; premature ejaculation; unsustainable erection; genitourinary pathology; difficulty conceiving.

Root fruit is used in sports nutrition, helping men in building muscle mass, restoring strength, improving the performance of training.

Use from prostatitis

As part of a unique root fruit, there are substances that help men get rid of prostatitis. Glycosinolates and thiocyanates are able to prevent the development of tumors. In benign prostate hyperplasia, they help to suspend the process of prostate enlargement. At this time, drugs have time to reduce inflammation. The disease does not develop, does not have the opportunity to go into a chronic stage.

Regular use of maca root reduces the negative symptoms of prostatitis. In a few days, burning, cutting and pain in the urethra disappear, the number of urination decreases.

Maca Root and women's health

Maca root is a strong aphrodisiac. The abundance of minerals, fatty acids, the presence of zinc, iodine allows you to normalize the balance of sex hormones, increase mood, increase sexual arousal.

Scientific studies have confirmed the effect of the amazing plant of South America on increasing the likelihood of conception. The ability to increase the content of serum hormone in the pituitary gland of the brain, which is responsible for the pregnancy, was noted.

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