Yacon roots consist mainly of fructooligosaccharides and water. This means that most carbohydrate sugars are not digested by the body, which leads to a very low level of absorbed calories and sugar entering the blood. Yacon also helps the body increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals from all other products. There are not many vitamins and minerals in the yacon itself, it is very important for consuming the rest of the most important components of human health. However, yacon is rich in potassium, calcium, and phosphorus.


Health Benefits

Yacon roots health benefits include its ability to regulate blood sugar, control cholesterol and assist in weight loss, etc.


Prevents diabetes

The reason so many people around the world have started using yacon so often is its anti-hyperglycemic effect. The presence of fructooligosaccharides in the yacon allows the body to obtain a limited amount of sugar of plant origin. This beneficial agent also helps to reduce the amount of glucose production in the liver. This is very important for people with diabetes.


Regulates blood pressure

The presence of a large amount of potassium in the chemical composition of the yacon positively affects the state of the cardiovascular system, as well as potassium, is a vasodilating substance, it relaxes blood vessels and reduces the load on the cardiovascular system. As a result, increasing blood flow and oxygenation in the parts of the body that need the blood most, and reducing the likelihood of developing conditions such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, or stroke. Potassium also helps regulate the fluid balance in our body's cells and tissues in combination with sodium.


Controls cholesterol levels

Besides being very useful for diabetics, yacon is also just indispensable for people with elevated blood cholesterol.


Weight loss

The product is low-calorie, has a laxative and mild diuretic effect, actively cleans the body of slags and toxins, accelerates blood flow and metabolic processes, and positively affects the state of the hormonal system.


Calorie content: 61 kilocalories/100 grams of the product


Protein 2 grams

Fat 0.1 grams

Carbohydrates 12.8 grams

Water 79 grams

Ash 1.5 grams

Organic acids 0.1 grams


Chemical composition of yacon


Vitamins В;

amino acids;


vitamin C;




coffee acid;

chlorogenic acid.


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