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      Brazilian Bronze Tan


      • Enhances tanning internally and externally
      • Stimulates melanin production
      • Reduces the time needed to get a beautiful tan
      • Greatly reduces sun and UV damage after tanning
      • Moisturizes the skin

      Brazilian BronzeTan Lotion is non-staining to cloths or tanning beds and contains Tyrosine, an amino
      acid which stimulates melanin production deep within the skin where tanning begins. Without melanin in the
      skin, the body lacks the ability to develop a deep, dark, natural tan.
      Once the melanin is activated, the skin responds faster to ultraviolet light. You will spend less time exposing
      your skin to UV light, greatly reducing its damaging effects.
      Brazilian Bronze drenches your skin with Aloe, Coca butter and Vitamin E, replacing moisture lost during tanning..
      You can use your Sun block with it without reducing its efficacy.

      Brazilian Bronze Tan Capsules. A beautiful tan begins within the layers of
      healthy skin. The body requires specific nutrients to promote and maintain ideal conditions for the skin, especially
      after exposure to UV light or sunlight. All natural Brazilian Bronze Tan is specifically formulated for hard
      to tan skin types.

      Brazilian Bronze Tan goes beyond tanning by creating healthy, glowing skin that is supple and moist- it is a
      vitamin for your skin! You’ll notice a remarkable difference in the texture and the tanning ability of your skin.
      Brazilian Bronze Tan contains no dyes, colorants, yeast, sugar or starches. You must expose your skin to UV
      light or sunlight in order for tanning to occur.