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    Nu-Shave is completely NATURAL shaving cream designed for longer lasting smoothness especially for sensitive skin. Nu-Shave
    contains main active components identified from Gymnema Sylvestre leaves extract that significantly inhibit the activity of hair
    follicles and slows down the hair growth. Nu-Shave Allows the reduction of the frequency of hair removal treatments. It also
    reduces the hairiness and improves the aesthetics and the ease of shaving.

    Nu-Shave will not dry your skin and it is super lubricating. Extra virgin coconut oil is used to give the unique moisturizing properties Nu-Shave
    provides. You can use it with confidence that you will have the best results you ever achieve.

    To give you the perfect shave we developed High Altitude French Lavender Pre-Shave Oil and After shave moisturizing Balm. Use Nu-Shave 
    system and experience The Joy of Shaving .

    Shaving the is part of nearly every woman’s grooming regimen. Legs with smooth, silky-soft and closely shaven skin are
    considered sexy. But while modern technology has brought to us means to make our legs and other parts hair-free for a longer term,
    if not permanently, women still turn to the good old razor to do the job for them. It is most likely because shaving is still the fastest,
    the easiest and the most convenient way to keep free from unwanted hair. It is also the least expensive. But shaving the hair off
    needs to be done correctly, or else we will end up with dry skin that is unevenly shaven, sometimes with nicks and little cuts that are
    prone to infection, and sometimes with rashes. Areas that are shaven properly will have a nice and smooth feel that can last for
    several days.

    So how should you shave your unwanted hair? Here is how:

    1. Prepare the skin of area for shaving by applying Nu-Shave Pre-Shave Oil.
    2. Apply Nu-Shave to the skin and lather with little water. Let stand for 2-3 minutes to penetrate the roots.
    3. Shave with good blade use gentle strokes with minimum pressure along the grain (in the direction of the hair growth). Be careful in shaving areas with uneven skin, like the ankles and the knees, and also on scabs, if you have any.
    4. Add more water and lather again (you do not need to apply Nu-Shave again since it will lather again without using more).
    5. Shave again against or across the grain. If you are having trouble shaving some areas, make the hair s rise by pulling tightly at your skin.
    6. When you are done shaving, rinse your skin off carefully to remove the residue of shaving cream as well as the bits of hair that were shaven off.
    7. Pat your skin dry and apply Balm Nu-Shavmoisturizer to keep your skin smooth.