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      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could direct your fat to eat itself? Alpha-Cyclodextrin is the next big weight loss supplement that will get your body to eat its own fat.* The concept of the belly fat weight loss plan may seem contradictory, because you should eat fat to burn fat. However, the fat that you should be consuming should be healthy fat. Eating mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and taking Alpha-Cyclodextrin, which can eliminate 9 times it’s weight and burn over 500 calories a day.* This supplement is an indigestible dietary fiber that binds to the fat cells and prevents your body from absorbing them.*

      Alpha-cyclodextrin, should be used regularly to help with weight loss, but especially when you cheat on your diet.* This product helps to sweep away unwanted fat in your diet, including belly fat.* It is recommended that you take 2000mg with an unhealthy meal high in fat, and 1000mg with a regular meal.*

      Alpha-cyclodextrin is a dietary supplement that binds to the fat when taken with a meal and is a natural alternative to other synthetic anti-obesity medications. Alpha-cyclodextrin has the unique ability among known fibers to bind 9 times its own weight in fat.**

      In order for fat or triglycrerides to be absorbed it must first be digested by the pancreatic enzyme lipase. If the lipase activity is decreased then the dietary triglyceride passes through to the large intestine without being absorbed. There are side effects to the use of lipase inhibitors if the fat is not restricted.* Unlike lipase inhibitors, Alpha-Cyclodextrin forms a stable complex with the dietary fat which prevents lipase from digesting the fat and the normal gut flora from using it as a carbon source, thus preventing the side effects of lipase inhibitors.*

      There are no known negative side effects from taking Alpha-Cyclodextrin, except when taken with foods that contain no fat. If taken with foods that contain no fat, gas may be formed.*


      +Disclaimer : There's no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary.