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    Amazing new technological weight loss breakthrough burns fat while you sleep!
    We think this formulation is the MISSING LINK in all weight loss programs. Did
    you know 1/3 of all fat formation occurs while we sleep? The main reason many
    people can't lose weight is because the last meal of the day is generally the
    biggest meal, ending with a big dessert. All these calories are converted into fat
    for energy production.

    This extraordinary formulation is the result of intense research to find the right
    combination of elements that would burn fat while you sleep. Utilizing cutting
    edge nutrient technology that "understands" the body's fat formation
    mechanisms, PM-SLIM turns them off and prepares it for elimination when you
    wake up! It also helps reduce night food cravings, creating a deep sleep, and
    vital detoxification of burned fat and toxins for elimination early in the morning.

    PM-SLIM is a highly sophisticated combination of rare herbs and compounds
    from Ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine.