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META-LABS is a manufacturer of the highest quality dietary supplements. We provide our valued customers with the quality products and knowledge that fulfill their wants and needs at the lowest price possible.  Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will help inspire, educate and problem-solve for each and every valued customer. Our qualified chemists and tech service personnel analyze and research every ingredient for quality, purity and effectiveness before they develop a product. After they develop a product, they test all batches to assure compliance and integrity.

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My chiropractor introduced me to the Chiro Care cream with cannabis oil and I absolutely loved it. I use it at night on my lower back and it really works for my back pain. I highly recommend! This product works and it does not disappoint!

Daise A.

Omg this stuff must be made of gold. My knees, lower back and sciatica hasn’t been pain free for over 3 months. Thank you.

Wanda M.



I brought it at Herb store and it was $40, but I am realizing much less arthritis pain in my ankles...its worth the $$....cheaper than my prescription medications

Ruthann L.

It’s work withe me and I am so happy of this products , thank you meta labs for this perfect products it’s too bad that here in Europe we don’t have a good products like this


Anas M.

I ordered this product online It was delivered quickly ..everything was as described. This is a great

product to improve your health it!. I would highly recommend it to all my friends.


Lana H.

I need to take this moment to thank you once again.

See the truth is, I have been slowly dying of something us Marines were told in private at the “Portland, VA hospital 2016 in a private room”, “doc said, what you”, “are all fighting makes agent orange look like a joke”!     that the media is never going to mention anything about this disease.

      He said you’ll hear about Agent Orange off and on til the day you die, but I promise you,

     “you will never ever hear anything about this”! Strong (words)!


they said it’s going to change your DNA and they continued, it is 40 to 50 years advanced technology.

(More very strong words)!

I didn’t know what to say so I kept my mouth shut.


       I am only here to tell you that your product is a miracle. It’s literally pulling the infection that I can’t and none of us can seem to get out certain areas like your ankle bone. For instance, you’re able to put a small amount on and continue to go in clockwise or counter clockwise motion and begin to feel things underneath my fingers. It’s wonderful. The swelling in my ankles has almost gone down to normal


I’m not exaggerating. It’s gone down 3 inches, I started using your product last summer when a friend literally her name is Linda handed me a full 8 ounce jar of your cream and insisted that it was a gift. She had no idea nor did I what supernaturally happened at that moment.

thank you so much for taking a interest in my venting and praise report

Thank you so much Sir or mamm.

D. Jackson


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