Graviola, aka guanabana, is not included in the official medicine, but many studies at Purdue University in the USA and the National Cancer Institute (1976 and 1997 studies), confirm the presence of healing properties in this plant.


Graviola stimulates digestive processes, facilitates the course of gastrointestinal diseases, improves the composition of the intestinal flora, removes toxins from the body and helps fight liver diseases. It lowers high pressure, normalizes heart rate, expands vessels, improves blood flow. Also, the prickly annona removes uric acid from the body, helping to improve the well-being of patients with gout, destroys parasites and fungal infection, has an antipyretic effect and helps to relieve swelling.


Graviola has a beneficial effect on the human body:


  • impedes the development of cancer cells;

  • supports the cardiac muscle;

  • reduces pressure, which is relevant in hypertension;

  • thins blood, prevents of thrombosis;

  • has vasodilating properties, improves circulation;

  • stops inflammatory processes in the mucous membranes;

  • clears the body of toxins;

  • promotes cough treatment of various etymologies;

  • accelerates recovery in viral diseases;

  • increases the protective forces of the body;

  • treats diarrhea, establishes the work of the GI organs;

  • normalizes blood glucose;

  • helps to bring down the high body temperature;

  • has an anti-parasitic effect;

  • actively fights with the fungus;

  • stimulates liver function;

  • facilitates the condition of patients with arthritis and rheumatism;

  • calms the nervous system;

  • removes swelling and prevents this phenomenon;

  • promotes early wound healing.

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