Eliminates nervous excitability, emotional tension. Relieves insomnia. Reduces blood pressure. Removes headache, migraines. Accelerates heat removal for colds, has an expectorant effect. Relieves muscle spasms, cramps. Strengthens the body's immune defense. Helps to get rid of seasonal allergy symptoms. Normalizes the GI, removes meteorism, constipation. Stimulates appetite. Helps to eliminate disorders of the menstrual cycle. Relieves tides at the climax. Activates the urinary tract. It produces an anti-inflammatory effect. Eliminates shortness of breath and heart pain. It contributes to the activation of reproductive function. Features of benefits for men and women for the opportunity to positively affect sex health, the plant is often called the "female grass." However, melissa is also useful to men.


Melissa for women

Infertility treatment. The plant helps to remove the factors that prevent pregnancy: nervous tension, impaired menstruation, inflammation of the pelvic organs. Women are recommended to take decoctions, apply compresses with melissa to the bottom of the abdomen.


Climax. Teas and infusions with grass quickly relieve headaches, feelings of anxiety, irritability, a sudden sensation of heat in the face and chest, and normalize sleep. 


Gynaecological problems. Melissa is used during treatment of ovarian cyst, endometriosis. Grass prevents the growth of pathological tissues, stimulates the normalization of the hormonal background, and prevents the development of inflammatory processes that aggravate the state of the body. To eliminate the cyst, a decoction with the addition of chamomile is effective, with endometriosis, it is better to drink a pure substance from melissa.


Sexual dysfunction in women. One of the reasons for the pathology is nerve tension. Grass helps to get rid of feelings of anxiety, to cure neurosis.


Melissa for men:


improved potency. The soothing effect of the grass helps members of the strong sex get rid of a sense of anxiety that negatively affects libido. Men can drink teas and take baths with vegetable decoction. 

Medications with melissa help to relax after hard work, relieve tension in the muscles, eliminate joint pain. To improve physical well-being after a working day, it is enough for men to drink one glass of warm herbal tea.


Chemical composition

Flowers, grass leaves, used to prepare healing agents, contain essential oils. Depending on the time of collection and the plant variety, the concentration of oils is 0.2-0.8%.


The grass also contains:


monoterpenes (citral, citronellal, geraniol, citronellol, myrcein);

chlorogenic, rosemary, salicylic, vanillin, lilac, coffee acid;

flavonoids (apigenin, cinaroside, ramnocitrin);








vitamins B, C, A, D;

micro and macro elements (potassium, zinc, copper, selenium, iron, calcium, vanadium, nickel, manganese, chromium, molybdenum).


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