Nattokinase benefits:


thins the blood, reduces the amount of fibrin;

disinfects and has anti-parasitic effects;

normalizes blood pressure;

reduces cholesterol concentration;

prevents the deposition of amyloid (harmful protein).


Blood Health Benefits

The health of the whole body directly depends on the circulation of blood and its viscosity. After all, it is blood that carries nutrients and saturates cells with oxygen. If it is too thick, the transportation of vital substances becomes difficult. The risk of blood clots is also increased, which can hit life-threatening. Nattokinase, absorbed into the blood, increases its fluidity. Due to this, the general state of the body improves.


The use of the appropriate drug is:


prevention of thrombophlebitis;

reduced viscosity of lymph;

eliminating the problem of increased blood coagulation;

reduced risk of atherosclerosis;

prevention of coronary heart disease;

reduced likelihood of stroke and heart attack;

normalization of gastric microflora;

bone tissue strengthening;

impeding salt deposition and osteoporosis;

skin improvement;

prevention of intestinal infections;

destruction of fibrin plaque covered with cancer cells;

accelerating fat metabolism;

improved memory and high intelligence;

cardiovascular disease;

increased pressure;

too thick blood (risk of thrombosis);

recovery from stroke;

gastrointestinal microflora disorder;

infections affecting the stomach;

infection of the body with parasites;

failure of memory function;

progressive osteoporosis;

the presence of ulcers and non-healing wounds on the skin surface;

elevated blood cholesterol;

excess body weight;

oncological diseases;

numbness in the limbs;

muscle spasms;

uterine myoma;

hemorrhoidal cones in the posterior passage;

increased fatigue;

joint pain;

slices in bones;

diabetes mellitus.


The nutritional supplement of nattokinase can be attributed both for medicinal purposes and for prevention. It can replace some of the drugs. For example, it is a safer alternative to aspirin.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product above is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


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