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UV-A vs. UV-B

Summer, which means the theme of sunscreen is more relevant than ever.

Everyone knows that in Asia, the cult of snow-white skin and the use of sunscreen is developed - the most important point of Asian skincare. Any cosmetic company has the widest range of sunscreens.

What’s the difference?

There are 2 types of ultraviolet rays against which you need to protect your skin.

UVB rays have a shorter wavelength and contribute to burns on the skin (generate melanin, thanks to which we sunbathe).

UVA rays have a longer wave that penetrates deep and reaches a layer of collagen and elastin - leading to wrinkles and aging of the skin. - PHOTOAGING OF SKIN!

*Short way to remember the difference is by remembering B ray leads to BURNING and A rays lead to AGING.


When we choose products to protect skin from the sun, here are useful beauty notes:

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is a sun protection factor that is calculated based on the rate of redness of the skin. Many mistakenly believed that the cream on which SPF 50 is written will protect the skin better than the same cream, but with SPF 30.

Most often, the higher the SPF figure, the more expensive it is.

Possibly, you'll be surprised, but the cream with SPF 30 will protect the skin from the sun at the same level as the cream with SPF 50. The difference will be only in the amount of time after which the tool will need to be updated. That is, SPF does not show the degree of protection against the sun, but the number of minutes that can be safely spent in the sun. On average, without sun protection, this time is 10 minutes. Multiply this number by the degree of protection, such as SPF 30, and you get 300 minutes. About 4-5 hours (depending on the type of skin) you can spend in the sun without updating the cream. This time is valid provided that you did not swim, wash, wipe your face with napkins, etc.

But the calculated time of safe sun exposure when using a cream with SPF cannot guarantee 100% protection against all UV waves. SPF level means UVB-ray protection! There is no talk of protection against UVA rays. And I wrote above that it is UVA rays that provoke photoaging of the skin

The degree of protection against UVA-rays is indicated on cosmetics by the sign PA++. The more pros, the higher the protection. But you should not immediately panic. Manufacturers of creams often use a combination of active ingredients that provides sun protection. Even if the cream package does not indicate the degree of protection against UVA rays, then most likely there is such protection. But if you want to be completely confident in your remedy, then look for a cream indicating "UVA-ray protection" or the degree of protection - PA++.


Spending too much time under the sun on a hot summer day can be dangerous to your skin. When we receive sun exposure it may cause skin issues later on in life. Issues such as sunburn, heat rash, blisters, aging, skin cancer, melanoma.

Meta-Labs newest product will help you achieve a beautiful glowing tan naturally, with less UV light exposure to the skin.

Brazilian Bronze Lotion contains tyrosine, an amino acid that stimulates melanin production deep within the skin where tanning begins.

Once the melanin is activated, the skin responds faster to ultraviolet light. You will spend less time exposing your skin to UV light, greatly reducing its damaging effects.

In addition, using Meta-Labs Eggplant Cream, which may help recover skin from UV light damage, can be used with your current sunscreen to assist and possibly eliminate non-melanoma skin lessors, including actinic keratosis, sunspots, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Met-Labs Eggplant cream is recommended to be applied to areas of the skin that may have become discolored, thickened, or scaly as a result of exposure to sun (UV) light. These areas of the skin are known as keratosis.

As well as, Meta-Labs Eggplant Cream works effectively against all forms of hyperpigmentation by lightening your skin evening out age spots as well as helping to assist in different skin problems like Eczema & Psoriasis. Meta-Labs Eggplant Cream is giving you the answer to skin discoloration!

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