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What are raspberry ketones?

How to lose weight? What should I do if I didn't eat so much?

First of all, we do not forget about vitamins and minerals that directly or indirectly affect the state of not only our health but also our body.


Raspberry ketone is an additive that helps increase your chances of getting a slender and beautiful figure. It works similarly to thermogenic fat igniters, but without side effects.

Raspberry ketone - what is it?

Raspberry contains about 200 molecules that are responsible for their taste. One of them is raspberry ketones, which have long been distinguished and appreciated by food producers due to their strong smell. Raspberry ketones are used to make sweets, soap, and candles, as well as other food and care products. Recently, scientists again turned to raspberry ketones, this time, however, due to their ability to lose weight.

Puritan's Pride Raspberry Ketones

Around 2010, scientists noticed that raspberry ketones have a similar molecular structure to capsaicin, which is the substance responsible for the spice in chili peppers. Initial studies also showed that capsaicin prevents weight gain. In light of these findings, the researchers conducted studies in mice and human tissues to see if raspberry ketones affect weight loss.

How Raspberry Ketones help weight loss

It works as a thermogenic fat burner increases body temperature. It burns fat similar to l-carnitine, caffeine, and numerous thermogenic additives in sports food stores. It causes the release of norepinephrine, which warms the body and increases lipolysis.

Raspberry Ketones is a Safe and Effective Fat Burner

- Increase in adiponectin (a hormone that is involved in the regulation of glucose levels and cleavage of fatty acids)

- Strong thermogenic properties

- Metabolism optimization, lipolysis stimulation

- Appetite control Effective in the fight against obesity and diabetes

- Recommended during a diet

- Increases insulin sensitivity

Raspberry ketones: side effects

The advantage of pure raspberry ketones over other thermogenic substances lies in the safety of their use. Raspberry ketones do not adversely affect the cardiovascular system, do not increase blood pressure. This is a completely natural drug that regulates metabolism only in the physiological range.

Be healthy, beautiful, and confident!


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